What's Next For Phoenix

I just watched this another great talk from Chris McCord (creator of Phoenix).

The part explaining Contexts was super awesome. Context really is the way to write good code:

Write dedicated modules that expose and group related functionality.

And Chris also talked about what new features would come in Phoenix 1.4. Definitely worth check out.


  • What makes a good Elixir Program? -> What makes a good Program?
    • Easy to write
    • Easy to understand
    • Easy to change
  • Programming is hard. Teaching programming is harder.
  • OOP -> FP
    • Design Patterns are baggage in FP world
    • Mod.fun/arity is not quite enough
  • Contexts
    • Dedicated modules that expose and group related functionality
    • Don't be afraid to make decisions (context names)
    • New comers are affected by Context thinking (explain Social Reaction to a new comer)

      defmodule Reaction do
        alias CommunityContent.Post
        def add_like(user, %Post{} = post)
        def get_stats(post)
      defmodule Reaction.PostReaction do
        schema "post_reactions" do
          field :user_id, :id
          field :post_id, :id
          field :sentiment, :string
    • Experienced Erlang/Elixir developers are affected too
      • With Phoenix 1.1 => interleaved code
      • Clean up => "service" modules (like contexts)
      • It's important to have generators that encourages clean boundaries
  • Phoenix 1.4: Monitoring & Metrics
    • Application Performance Monitor (APM)
      • Common Interface for
        • elixir monitoring
        • Monitoring services (Datadog, NewRelic, etc.)
      • Goals
        Data collection must not take out the application under load
        Metrics should provide actionable insights for non-experts
      • Available Metrics
        instantaneous measurement
        • CPU usage
        • Memory usage
        rate of events over time with statistical distribution
        • requests per second
        compile-time hooks into application events
    • Breakpoint Debugger
    • Developer Dashboard
    • End-to-End Testing
      • Concurrent
      • Transactional
      • JavaScript tests:

        Call Phoenix endpoints to check-out/check-in Ecto Sandbox connection

        def checkout(conn, _params) do
        def checkin(conn, _params) do
    • Easier Contribution
      • 1st Contribution Sprint
      • Phoenix Guides are merged
  • Phoenix/Elixir have enabled many people building many useful stuffs
    • Make the previously unachievable, achievable

-- from ElixirConf 2017 - Closing Keynote - Chris McCord - YouTube