Coping with Complexity

  1. If the tests fails in a predictable way (e.g. NoMethodError), it's almost as good as passing
  2. Complexoty Lumper vs Complexity Splitter
    • Kent Beck is a Splitter
      • logically simpler
      • emotionally easier
  3. Storytelling is the fundamental skill for a change
    • The human part of the problem is far more difficult than the software part

-- from 060: Coping with Complexity with Kent Beck – Greater Than Code

P.S. Sometimes I would have this feeling: right after I first learned something new, I'd hear/read about this again in the next few days.

Like this time, I just wrote about storytelling1, then I listened to this episode (which is not from a podcast I subscribed) and they are talking basically the similar idea. It's amazing how things come together sometimes.