Build Data-Oriented Applications with WulinMaster

WulinMaster is a Gem built on top on rails to let you build Data-Oriented Applications faster.

Its most valuable feature is generating grid-like views for your models whilst still providing enough customization possibilities.

We all know that Rails has this great scaffolding feature to let you build a pure CRUD application in 15 mins1. But the default templates are focused on more general data.

WulinMaster instead focuses on large data sets that need to be shown in grids. It's still CRUD, but optimized for larger data sets.

  • History
    • World Cup
    • Mission
      • Build 2 large software suites
        1. booking
        2. logistic
      • 5 accompanying web applications
        • Data grids
        • Keyboard friendly
        • Excel
        • PDF
        • Auditing
    • Challenges
      • ~60 screens
      • ~20 user roles
      • Complex model and machines
      • Limited resources
  • wulin_master
    • Framework to develop enterprise applications built on top of Ruby on Rails
    • Extensible and Reusable
      • Grid

        class CountryGrid < WulinMaster::Grid
          title 'Countries'
          model Country
          column :code
          column :name
        • Sorting*
        • Multi-column Filtering
        • Creation and Updating
      • Screen
        • Composed by multiple grids
      • Actions
        • Extend a grid (add a button)
      • Behaviors
        • Callbacks
    • wulin_oauth
    • wulin_permits
    • wulin_excel
    • wulin_audit
    • wulin_wiki
  • Future
    • test suite
    • stability
    • marketing site
    • import tool
    • rails generator

-- from an Ekohe internal tech sharing (ekohe/wulin_master: Wulin Master fight for enterprise problem)