UI/UX design and software/code design are very alike

  • What started out as casual conversation with my friends turned into a deep investigation into our habits as humans and needs as listeners.
  • I explored each facet of user experience design and found that my fascination with human-computer interaction stemmed from my compassion for people (empathy).
  • Some powerful things I learned was knowing how to handle change, how crucial iteration is, and being thorough. Most importantly, there is a lot more to learn in design and research.

-- from My friends hate SoundCloud iOS so I redesigned it for them

A coworker of mine did an internal sharing for this article1 last Friday.

I think the learning from this experiment actually resonates so well with my programming experiences. And I always think UI/UX design and software design are very much alike somehow.

  1. HCI and programming are all about empathy.
  2. Embrace change
  3. Fast iterations
  4. Continuous learning