Five minute journal

  • 5-Minute Journal: I’m grateful for, what would make today great, and I am…; and 3 amazing things that happened today and how could I have made today even better

-- from The Art of Product: 47: Pacing Yourself When Starting Up

I've been writing my own 5-Minute Journal for almost 2 years now. I learned this technique from Five minute journal: how could today have been even better? on [2016-12-31 Sat], then I added a capture template to my Org mode config and started writing it everyday.

Before using this technique, I was just looking at my time log and write random stuffs, then call it for a day.

This technique helps me focus more on both good things and bad things happened today. Sometimes there would be more than 3 amazing things or more than 3 things that could be improved and it's totally fine to me. This journal is basically my highlights for my daily life.

What I want to do better is to be more goal-driven, write down my goals at the beginning of a month, then check if I'm going in the right direction everyday.