Why Do We Need a Plan?

  • A plan is four things:
    1. Shared goals
    2. Agreed schedule
    3. Consistent participation
    4. Predictable processes

-- from Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency – Learning By Shipping

When I first started learning Agile software development, I thought we don't need a plan anymore. We just keep delivering and keep punching through blocks along the way. Planning is just a waste of time.

But now, I believe that we still need plans, especially if we need to be Agile. Why? Because we need to align every team members. And by aligning, I mean all the four things mentioned above.

Take schedule for example. As I explained in Only With Limited Resources Can We Finish Things, we need to set clear constraints for us to build a successful project. What does "clear constraints" mean? Plans.

So what's your opinion on plans? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!