1 2019 Ver.

Hi, there! I'm Yiming Chen, a software engineer. I live in Shanghai currently.

I strongly believe that the meaning of life is to learn and grow. So I want to be a life-long learner. This blog is the collection of what I've learned along the way.

As a software engineer who want to make the world a little bit more Agile, I want to focus on these topics here.

Agile Software Development
Even though "Agile" is a word that comes with many widely different understandings, I still want to advocate for it in this blog. I wish more and more companies will apply the Agile Methodology to every level (from company management to writing code). Hopefully, this blog can push the needle a bit.
Without learning TDD, I wouldn't make up my mind to become a software engineer. So I wouldn't stop talking about this topic here.
Ruby introduced my to this industry (by helping me find my first internship at Strikingly Co.). More importantly, I would never forget the idea of focusing on programmer happiness, which is the goal Ruby was created for.
Elixir is my current favorite programming language right now. It provides great efficiency. Meanwhile, it still keeps the goal of programming happiness in its core.
To learn the power of Change, I started being involved in more management work since the end of 2018. I learned a lot stuffs that are out of the scope of coding, but are about the essence of software engineering (people).

You can find me on Twitter and GitHub.

Huge thanks to utterances and GitHub Pages, which are the backend of the comment system of this blog.

2 2015 Ver.

2.1 Basics

  • 陈一鸣 aka dsdshcym
  • 现在上海五角场某大学 张江分校读大三
  • Mac user / Vim user / Spacemacser (syl20bnr/spacemacs)

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2.3 Thanks

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This blog is completed by Emacs / Spacemacs, written in Org mode, built by org-page. Thanks to these awesome projects!