Add org-store-link Entry for elfeed


Elfeed is a RSS client for Emacs. I've been using elfeed to read all my rss feeds for a long time. And I really wish it can have some integrations with org-mode like mu4e. So that I can capture a link to a RSS news entry to my notes and jump to this directly using the link.

A Hack Way

So I posted a feature request on Elfeed's github page. And I got this note from @heikkil: Note taking 3: Notes from elfeed entries - Heikki @ home. This solution can do the trick for me, but this is not what I want.

The ideal way

Then I spent 30 minutes to improve his codes. And I got this based on Adding hyperlink types - The Org Manual:

;; ---------------------
;; org capture in elfeed
;; ---------------------
(defun private/org-elfeed-entry-store-link ()
  (when elfeed-show-entry
    (let* ((link (elfeed-entry-link elfeed-show-entry))
           (title (elfeed-entry-title elfeed-show-entry)))
       :link link
       :description title)

(add-hook 'org-store-link-functions

After adding this hook, I can now use a template like this to capture what I am reading in elfeed to an org-mode entry in my file:

(setq org-capture-templates
          '(("l" "Link" entry
             (file "~/Org/")
             "* %a\n%U")