Global Find Clipboard on macOS

Turns out that macOS not only has Universal Clipboard to sync the clipboard content between your Mac and your iOS devices, but also has a feature called Global Find Clipboard to sync the content between the Find inputs in different applications.

You can try this feature in Safari and Terminal:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Use Cmd-F to search anything (keyword for example)
  3. Open Terminal
  4. Press Cmd-F to see the content in the search bar (it should be keyword as well)
  5. If you update the content in the Terminal search bar and go back to Safari, the search content in Safari is updated automatically

-- from

  1. rebornix on Twitter: \"Thanks to @melvinphilips8 for bringing us Global Find Clipboard on macOS\"
  2. Test macOS Global Find Clipboard · Issue #39585 · Microsoft/vscode

(Though, it is a nice-to-have feature, but I cannot think of a use case for it, searching the same word in both Preview and Safari?)