OKR Case Study #2 - Reduce emails from clients?!

Objective: Inspire more client confidence by anticipating their needs

  • KR 1: Reduce number of emails from clients
  1. Is "number of emails" referring to angry emails from clients?

Because we may not want to reduce happy emails or new-contract emails from clients, right?

  1. I'm not sure if we should use reduction of this number as a Key Result.

    My concern is that the number of these emails doesn't show a consistent pattern overtime. It might be a random thing, 2 emails this month due to various reasons, 20 emails next month due to other various reasons.

    So aiming for reduction may not make sense for this metric. My suggestion is to just set a goal of 0 angry emails from clients in 2020 Q2 (if it's not too stretching).

  2. Since "number of angry emails" is a thing, "number of happy emails" can also be a good Key Result.
  3. I think the focus here is the feedback from clients, so maybe we don't need to be restricted to only one medium (email)? Angry/happy feedback from phone/meeting/etc. should also count, too? (Though it might add some work when reviewing this key result.)

So the KR might be something like: